Strategic Analysis

Determine the best operating model to meet your growth goals and business direction.

FITS will partner with a company throughout its strategic planning process and assess the current business state, review alternative target models that may better fit the business strategy, and provide financial modeling and analysis for the future state relative to the company’s current state. In addition, we will determine cross-system impacts, develop and administer the RFP process to identify vendors who can best meet the strategic vision, and perform an objective vendor assessment to assist in the decision-making process.

FITS has the industry experience to provide a firm with the operational strategy, design and future state transformation of its business, while focusing on the primary tasks and goals of the process:

  •  Business Alternative Assessment
  •  Business Requirement Documentation
  •  Financial Modeling
  •  Target Operating Model Review
  •  Cross-System Impact Reviews
  •  Operational Analysis
  •  RFP Development
  •  Vendor Assessment