Henry F. Lange

President and Chief Executive Officer

Henry F. Lange is the founding Partner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Financial Industry Technical Services, Inc. (FITS). In 1991, he formed FITS and through his efforts and vision, grew the company nationally to over 150 full-time professionals with an average of 17 years in the industry. From the beginning, Mr. Lange identified the need for consultants with vast expertise in and knowledge of the financial services industry who can provide quality, consistent services to their clients. As a result, FITS has earned a trusted reputation for reliability, excellence and continued client satisfaction.

Mr. Lange manages large engagements for FITS, oversees Sales and Marketing and is instrumental in working with industry leaders to address their concerns. He maintains memberships in various industry groups and participates in conferences and roundtable discussions throughout the year. Prior to starting FITS, Mr. Lange served in a senior level capacity for a financial services consulting firm where he led engagements in London, Canada and San Francisco.

Henry is known for his straightforward approach, high level of integrity and his ability to fully empathize with FITS clients in today’s financial environment.

Kathleen A. Moore

Executive Vice President & Partner

Kathleen A. Moore joined Financial Industry Technical Services, Inc. (FITS) in 1995 and became a Partner of the firm in 1999. Since that time she has worked closely with the senior management of the firm to build the FITS corporate infrastructure. Today, Ms. Moore manages the day-to-day operations of FITS including Finance, Human Resources, Recruitment, and Staffing. As a member of the firm’s senior governance team, Ms. Moore oversees Contract Management and Client Relationship Management.

Ms. Moore participates in industry conferences and roundtables to assess the industry trends and how they affect FITS clients. She manages engagements for clients of FITS including global clients and government entities. Ms. Moore has a degree in accounting and prior experience providing consulting and finance based services to global banks, brokerage firms and government entities.

Kathy is known for her professionalism, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and her willingness to go the extra mile for FITS clients.

Rick Hall

Executive Vice President & Partner

Frederick “Rick” Hall joined Financial Industry Technical Services Inc. (FITS) in 1999 as a Partner of the firm. In his work with our capital markets clients, Mr. Hall focuses on optimal clearing practices and operational efficiency, while assisting firms mitigate risk and enhance quality control.

In addition to managing large scale projects as a member of the senior management governance team, Mr. Hall possesses strong industry knowledge and a seasoned background in brokerage operations and compliance. He has worked in executive management positions at various NYSE member firms for over 35 years. His responsibilities have included retail and institutional equity processing, fixed income processing, settlement, regulatory governance, securities lending, custody, asset management and their corresponding operational support functions.

Rick is known for his analytical abilities, “big picture” approach to problem-solving and desire to provide the best-in-class service to FITS clientele.